Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Portfolio update

I didn't take advantage of the huge move up today, but I also wasn't caught on the short side and ended the day barley up. For now my new strategy is to concentrate on less positions that represent a bigger portion of my portfolio, 10% for equity, 2% for options, and 1% for futures.

New positions added:
Short FISV, resistance at 47.25
Short BMS, trendline resistance
Short WDC, 61.8% retracement as well as previous resistance

Stopped out of:
Short MVL, broke into new highs
Short IDC
Short NLY, broke into new highs

Took profit on:
NSM, failed to close above 50 dma
BNHNA, approaching resistance in the 7.60 area, will re-enter if it break above 7.75

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